The Decentralized Delivery Network
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Power to the people
We believe in breaking up monopolies and giving power to the people.
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Global community
We believe that technology can organize the global community and lead to cooperation without any central authority.
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Decentralized network
We have created an open protocol through which everyone can take part in a fully decentralized and global package delivery network.
WE ARE PAKET                             WE ARE PAKET
Bitcoin revolutionized the payment industry by decentralizing it.
PAKET answers a similar need - transferring goods in a decentralized manner. We see this as an opportunity to resolve a real-world problem using the principals of blockchain technology in their purest form: a genuine way to exchange physical value between people, without any central authority managing the process and taking a significant commission.

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Token ecosystem

The PAKET platform is open and free. Do you have an entirely new market that you want to target with your delivery app? Or maybe just a minor improvement of the Platform? Dive into our Github project to add, clone, and take part in the ecosystem. If your app supplies a needed service you can even charge for it.

Token ecosystem
Token ecosystem Token ecosystem

Professional courier

International freight companies such as UPS and FedEx, local enterprises like the Japanese Yamato, and the Israeli Gett Taxi, and even your local, bike-riding courier companies - the protocol lets all participants cooperate, with each of them providing only that leg of the route which they can provide most efficiently.

Our Team

Many people support the project in different ways. The team members listed are only those that have The PAKET Project as their main occupation.


Yariv Gilat

Chairman at Simplex.com

Sebastian Stupurac

Co-Founder at Wings.ai

Stas Oskin

Co-Founder at Wings.ai

Ofer Rotem


Guy Corem

President of DAGlabs

Ido Sadeh

Founder of Saga Foundation

While we are very grateful to the many respected individuals that helped us along the way, we are particularly grateful to the following industry leaders for signing an official endorsement of the PAKET Project.

Road Map